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NEO – NIR is a multi-product Sales & Services based company with a wide range of chemicals and chemical formulations for Industrial Water Treatment. The products developed and manufactured by Vasu Chemicals are made to specific needs and have proven invaluable to a wide spectrum of industries. Neo-Nir is Business Associates of Vasu Chemicals for Gujarat and MP District.

NEO-NIR has acquired a wealth of experience over the course of more than 20 years and has revolutionized the use of water treatment chemicals.

The strength of NEO-NIR is not only in the sales of a variety of products to suit the unique needs of diverse industries, but also in the provision of related technical services.

The Core Strength of  NEO-NIR is understanding the need, identifying the scope of Improvements and providing related technical Services & sales support of a variety of products to suit the unique needs of diverse industries.


Our organisation offers a variety of water treatment chemicals and equipment for water treatment and testing. Our aim is to respond to our customer’s ever-changing requirements in the most cost-effective manner and achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction.

Business Associates of Vasu Chemicals

Vasu Chemicals is one of the leading, and the oldest, manufacturers of Water Treatment Chemicals. Vasu Chemicals has been in the business of supplying and servicing water treatment facilities since 1972. Prestigious customers are Chemical industries, petrochemical units, power plants, refineries, Steel Industrties and fertilizers plants.

Vasu Chemicals application products include : 

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals | Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals | RO Antiscalent | RO Cleaning Chemicals | AHU / AC Coil Cleaning Chemicals | VAM / Condenser Cleaning Chemicals


HANNA instruments®, is the world leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation, has a network of 40 subsidiaries in 32 countries worldwide and offers over 3000 products to its customers.

Our instruments measure critical parameters such as pH, Chlorine, Turbidity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and much more. Hanna’s mission is to provide an instrument that provides the value and performance our customers require.

Hann Instrument – USA products include : 

Online Controller | Desktop Meter | Filed Meter & Tester | Auto Titrator | Meters for Research & QC

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Neo Nir Engineering


A team of water treatment experts and our 20+ years of experience enable us to cater to our customer’s needs & Satisfaction. Our high-performance product range working in synergy with our solution-oriented onsite and offsite team help us deliver excellent results.

Address :

Plot No. A36 City Industrial Estate

Near Swami Narayan Temple

Udhna-Navsari Main Road

Surat, Gujarat, India – 394 210

Phone :  91-261-2312716 / 2364251

Email : info@neonir.com

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