Total Hardness Test Kit for Water Analysis

NEO-221 & NEO-226

The maintenance of raw water, potable water boilers, cooling towers, softeners, and demineralizers—essential to the operations of practically all process industries—requires regular water analysis. Traditional methods for analysing water demand a complex laboratory setup and qualified staff.

The NIRSAFE Water Quality Products substitute traditional colour comparison techniques and simple drop tests with analytical techniques like titrimetric and colourimetry/spectrophotometry. Monitoring and taking preventive action can be done by the operators themselves, which makes it quick and easy.


The NIRSAFE is a chemical test kit based on titration that measures total hardness concentration in two models:

  • NEO-221 : 1–20 ppm & 2–100 ppm and
  • NEO-226, 2–40 ppm & 10–500 ppm


All the tools and reagents required for the analysis are provided to the NIRSAFE. There are enough reagents in the test kit to conduct about 250 tests.

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